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Student of the Week – Malaya L.

malayaWhat grade are you in?

I am a sophomore.

What is your position on the team?

I am a part of the Media sub-team.

What have you been working on?

I am one of the photographers for the team, so I take lots of pictures. I also do a lot with Red Alert on Air. I film and help edit those every week.

What is your favorite part of Red Alert?

 I love getting to spend time with all the great friends I have met through being on the team. Also, I enjoy photography, so it’s really great getting to

What are you after graduation plans? College? Major?

I plan on attending a college, I don’t know which one that will be yet. I also do not know exactly what I want to do as a career yet, but I hope to figure that out soon.  

You’re given a free plane ticket and paid vacation to anywhere you want to go. Where do you go?

I would probably go to France because I’ve always wanted to go there, and not having to pay for food and touristy things would be great!

If you were a door, would you be push or pull? Why?

Um I would definitely be a revolving door because they’re way more fun than push or pull…and they’re more childish, like me :) 

Mentor of the Week – Mr. Schmoll

SchmollWhat do you do on the team?

I mainly help out where needed, work with other mentors and students building components as well as helping sub-teams with particular systems for robot construction.

How long have you been on the team?

I have been with Red Alert Robotics for 4 years & I worked with the FLL Team Center Grove Middle School North for years prior to FRC. I also mentored FTC Teams 6190 & 8149.

What’s your favorite part about being on Red Alert?

Watching students grow and evolve with the different challenges from year to year.

What do you do outside of robotics?

I like to go fishing when the time allows and target shoot with my bow.

What would you name your own cereal?

The Healthy Mix

You are given the opportunity to give a new super-villain a weakness. What is it?

Whenever they wanted to do something evil, something good would automatically happen.

2017 Game Animation

Robot Rampage Coffee

robot rampage coffeeOver the years Red Alert Robotics has tried to work with businesses in the community to promote both their business and our team. The people at the Strange Brew Coffee House have been very kind to us and allowed us to sell our own coffee brand called Robot Rampage. For every sale of this coffee Red Alert will receive a portion of the sale. Each sale of this coffee greatly helps our team and will help to promote a  local business in the community.  You can buy the coffee in store or online, the address to their store and website will be posted below. Go check out our coffee!

Store: 4800 West Smith Valley Road, Greenwood, IN, 46142

Website: http://strangebrewcoffee.com

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