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Project Linus

Published on January 25, 2015, by

Marie and Emma laying out some material for a blanket.

This weekend, January 24th-25th, Red Alert participated in Project Linus. Project Linus is a non-profit organization that makes blankets for kids who have illnesses or have been in traumatic situations. Red Alert helps to make blankets for Project Linus annually, and this year, the team has made a lot of progress. So far we’ve made twenty-six blankets, and there’s still more to come. Red Alert has worked with Project Linus since we’ve been a team, a total of of ten years! We’re glad to have been able to help with the cause, and we look forward to making more blankets in the years to come.


Mentor of the Week – Mrs. Baxter

Published on January 24, 2015, by

Mrs. BaxterMentoring our team right from the start is Mrs. Baxter. She’s been with the team since the beginning, and she never fails to help the students out. Mrs. Baxter is extremely dedicated to Red Alert. She’s always working diligently, whether it’s with the students or with the other mentors. Mrs. Baxter won’t hesitate to stop what she’s doing to help a sub-team out. She spends a tremendous amount of time with Red Alert students, guiding and teaching them in many ways. Her hard work really helps the team grow over time, and the team can’t thank her enough for what she does. Here’s to another successful ten years on the team! Congratulations Mrs. Baxter, and keep up with the good work!

Here is a few words from our Mentor of the Week:

What is your name and what do you do on the team?

My name is Mrs. Baxter and I am the Operations coach.

How long have you been on the team?

10 years.

What is your favorite part about being on Red Alert?

My favorite part is creating good citizens.

What do you do outside of robotics?

I’m a physical therapist assistant.

What is your favorite TV show?

My favorite TV show is the Walking Dead.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?


If you could change your hair color, would you?



Student of the Week – Max N.

Published on January 24, 2015, by

Max N.Max N. is a part of the scoring/stacking sub-team, he’s a sophomore, and he’s a helpful asset to the team. He is a hardworking member of Red Alert, and he works well with his team mates. Max does well in the classroom as well as in the build room. He brings positivity and motivation to his sub-team. No matter where he is at, Max is always working as hard as he can. This is Max’s second year on the team and he has already shown great potential for upcoming seasons. He never fails to some have fun and bring a party to robotics. Congratulations Max, keep up the good work!

Here is a few words from out Student of the Week:

What grade are you in?

I’m  a sophomore.

What is your position on the team?

I’m a member of the scoring (or stacking) subteam.

What have you been working on?

I’ve been working on calculating our overall dimensions, placing hooks and stops on our chain, and most recently constructing Proofs-of-Concept (PoC’s) for various ideas including a braking system. Now, I am building our prototype system.

How were you introduced to robotics and FIRST®?

I found out about FIRST through announcements at school, and thought I might be interested. So last year, as a freshman, I came to a call out meeting and decided to join.

If you could become any kind of dinosaur which one would it be?

 Velociraptor. I thought that would be obvious.

If you could only eat one kind of food for the rest of your life which one would it be?

I’d probably have to go with ribs. They’re pretty fantastic.

If you could only drink one beverage which drink would it be?

Diet Mtn. Dew. That’s not a tough decision.

If you could learn one language other than English which one would it be?

Spanish, I think. It’s really widely applicable. Plus it sounds cool.


Red Alert On Air #3 2015

Published on January 24, 2015, by


Student of the Week – Sarah R.

Published on January 17, 2015, by


Sarah R. is captain of our scoring sub-team, a junior, and is on her third year with the team. Sarah shows many of the skills required for the role of leadership. She is cordial to others, passionate in her work, and she dedicates herself to whatever she does. Sarah is a team player getting along with everyone, not just her own sub-team. Sarah leads by example and does a great job of teaching as well as leading. Everything she does defines excellence both in school and at robotics. Congratulations Sarah, and keep up with the good work!


Here’s a few words from our Student of the Week:

What grade are you in?

I am a junior in high school.

What is your position on the team?

I am the  Sub Team Captain for the Scoring Sub Team.

What have you been working on?

I have been working on  the scoring subsystem.

How were you introduced to robotics and FIRST®?

I was new my freshman year and a friend of mine made me come to the meeting.

If you could make one species of animal spontaneously turn hot pink which animal would you pick?

I would make giraffes spontaneously turn hot pink.

What is your favorite fragrance of soap?

My favorite fragrance of soap is lavender.

If you could change into a chair what kind of chair would you be?

I would change into a swivel chair.