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About Us

FIRST Team 1741 Red Alert Robotics is located at Center Grove High School in Greenwood, Indiana, USA. Since our team began in March of 2005, Red Alert has been led by a group of students, mentors, parents, and the Center Grove School Corporation, and has focused on spreading the message of FIRST.

“To inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.”

In 2005, Center Grove School Corporation noticed a vacancy in their school activities regarding science and technology. Summer Ehresman, a computer science teacher, and the Baxter and the McCoy families, decided to form a FIRST team. Mrs. Ehresman was the school sponsor for the team, and her computer experience allowed our rookie team to learn a variety of software programs.

Linda McCoy and Sharon Baxter established the Non-Engineering side of Red Alert Robotics (NEngA), and created the Red Alert Robotics Parent Organization (RARPO) in 2008, an organization run by parents in order to sustain our team. Along with these mentors, Steve McCoy and Dwight Baxter founded the Engineering side of the team teaching students life skills in science and technology.

In August 2012, Mark Snodgrass became our new teacher sponsor and head coach, and he has been instrumental in enhancing team development and providing more funds for our team. He had a great vision for the growth is FIRST from Jr. FLL to FRC, not only in our school community, but throughout Central Indiana. We are still trying to live out his vision, even now that he has let the team. Since the founding year of FIRST Team 1741, Red Alert Robotics has steadily grown.




  • In 2005 the Center Grove School Corporation noticed that there was not a club supporting the growth of science and technology

    old team

    2005 Red Alert Robotics at Boilermaker!

  • Team 1741 was founded in the fall


  • First official season
  • Boilermaker Regional – Regional Finalists / received Rookie Inspiration Award


  • Attended the Wisconsin Regional
  • Attended the Boilermaker Regional


  • St. Louis Regional – received Xerox Creativity Award
  • Boilermaker Regional – received Motorola Quality Award


  • Attended the Midwest Regional
  • Attended the Boilermaker Regional


  • North Carolina Regional – Regional Finalists / received Gracious Professionalism Award sponsored by Johnson & Johnson
  • Boilermaker Regional – Dean’s List Finalist (Trevor Settles)


  • Boilermaker Regional – received Regional Chairman’s Award / received Entrepreneurship Award
  • Attended Smoky Mountain Regional
  • Went to FIRST World Championship


  • Boilermaker Regional – received Entrepreneurship Award
  • Queen City Regional – received Engineering Inspiration Award
  • FIRST World Championship – went 7-2 in qualification rounds and were selected for the #6 alliance on the Curie Field. Made it to the Division Semi-finals before eventually getting knocked out by the Championship Runner-Up alliance
  • Mark Snodgrass became our new teacher sponsor and head coach


  • Boilermaker Regional – won the Regional Chairman’s Award / Innovation in Controls award / Dean’s List Finalist – Mariah Smith / Regional Finalists
  • Crossroads Regional – Entrepreneurship Award
  • FIRST World Championship – went 5-3 in qualification and were selected for the #4 alliance on the Newton Field. We made it to the Division Semi-finals before being knocked out by the #1 seed alliance.


  • Indiana State Champions
  • Boilermaker Regional- Engineering Inspiration, Creativity Award
  • Chesapeake Regional- Finalists, Industrial Safety, Gracious Professionalism, Entrepreneurship
  • Cage Match (offseason) Champions


  • Purdue District – Engineering Inspiration
  • IN District – Gracious Professionalism – Dean’s List Finalist Connor Osborne
  • FIRST World Championship – Selected for #6 alliance on Newton Field. Made it to quarter finals.
  • Attended IRI


  • Tippecanoe District – Gracious Professionalism
  • Walker Warren – Entrepreneurship Award
  • Perry Meridian District – Chairman’s Award
  • Cage Match (offseason) Champions


  • Tippecanoe District – Quality Award
  • Perry Meridian District – Semi Finalists
  • Indiana State Championship – Finalists


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