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Center Grove FIRST Robotics

Welcome to CG FIRST! This page contains the teams that the Center Grove Corporation hosts.


Center Grove Elementary Schools

Maple Grove Elementary School

1 Jr. FLL team
1 FIRST Lego League Team

Team Contact: Michele Coffey
Email: coffeypromo@gmail.com

Sugar Grove Elementary School

1 FIRST Lego League team

Team Contact: Mr. Chad Wade
Email wadec@centergrove.k12.in.us
Website: Link
Center Grove Middle Schools

Middle School North

2 FIRST Lego Teams

Team Contact: Mr. Mark Snodgrass
Email: snodgrassm@centergrove.k12.in.us
Website: Link

Middle School Central

2 FIRST Lego Teams

Team Contact: Mrs. Laura Stafford
Email: staffordl@centergrove.k12.in.us
Middle School-High School

2 FIRST Tech Challenge Teams
*FTC teams combine 8th grade students from both middle schools with 9th grade students from CGHS.

  • 6190 – Cyber Storm
  • 8149 – Panic in the Build Room
Team Contact: Mr. Nathan Coulombe
Email: ncoulombe@redalert1741.org
Center Grove High School

FIRST Robotics Competition Team 1741

Team Contact:Mr. Nathan Coulombe
Email: ncoulombe@redalert1741.org